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How to Configure Video Card for Higher Performance

Configuring Your Video Card for Improved Performance

Both nVidia and ATI video cards have a configuration screen for changing how the video card is configured to either provide better performance or better visual quality.

Note: Some users have reported trouble with fonts or textures appearing garbled with some video cards. If you have trouble after making this change, move the slider back to Balanced to fix the garbled fonts or textures. 

Instructions for ATI Cards:

Click Start > All Programs > Catalyst Control Center > CCC or Catalyst Control Center

If you are shown a Welcome window that asks if you would like to use Basic or Advanced, click Advanced.

There will be a list of settings on the left hand side, find 3D and set the following settings:

  • Standard Settings: Balanced
  • Anti-Aliasing: Check Use Application Settings
  • Adaptive Anti-Aliasing: Unchecked
  • Anisotropic Filtering: Use Application Settings
  • Catalyst A.I.: Unchecked
  • Mipmap Detail Level: Quality (slider to the right)
  • More Settings: Check Support DXT texture formats (uncheck everything else)

Instructions for nVidia Cards:

  • Right Click desktop and select properties
  • Select Settings tab
  • Click Advanced
  • Select GeForce xxx tab (where xxx is your video card name)
  • A flyout will appear - Select Performance and Quality settings
  • Move Image Settings slider to the left for high performance