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Create a Zip File
Installing ZIP or Compression Software

If you don't have compression software installed, download and install any of the following:

How To Zip a file or folder
  1. Select the file or folder you want to compress.
  2. Right click and choose Send To and choose Compressed (zipped) folder - OR - Right click and choose Add to Archive
  3. Allow the file or folder to compress.
  4. You should now see an icon with the same name and it may have a file extension that says ZIP or RAR
  5. Attach this file to a support ticket
How To Unzip a file or folder
  1. If you receive a Zip file, you will need to uncompress or unzip the file to access the contents of the compressed file
  2. Double-click on the Zip file.
  3. It should expand automatically.
  4. A file or folder with the same name (without the Zip) should appear.
  5. Drag the contents of the Zip file to the desktop (or another location). When you do this, you will be copying the information from the Zip file to the computer. This will be your working copy of the data from the Zip file.
  6. Close the Zip file window. You may keep the Zip file or delete it.