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Copy or Move a Character Between Shards
Moving or Copying a Character

It is possible to relocate a character between the Chaos and Order shards. When your character is transferred, the character is moved entirely from the server it previously resided to the destination server; it will no longer be available on the original server. The character will retain the same inventory, equipped gear, scribed techniques, formulas, spells and levels.

Plot ownership and guild membership are not transferred, meaning that the character will not own a plot, nor will it be a member of any guild upon arrival. This also means that any items left on a plot will not transfer with the character. It is recommended that you deconstruct any owned plots for novian resources first and sell the plot before arranging for a transfer.

To move a character between Chaos and Order, you will need a Transfer Token.

Purchasing and Applying a Character Transfer Token
  1. Login to
  2. Select Character Transfer Token from the drop list on the right side.
  3. Complete the purchase of a Character Transfer Token
  4. Log in through the Istaria launcher
  5. A Character Transfer Token should now be present beneath the "Deliverables/Tokens" subheading
  6. Select the character you wish to transfer and click Transfer

If you purchased a pack of transfer tokens the tokens will not show up in the launcher, you will need to create a support ticket to have your characters transferred.

Transfering a character off of Blight: 
The limitations on transfers off of Blight have been relaxed a bit.

  • Character must have been made on Blight. You can not copy a character to Blight, then transfer to a live shard.
  • Character must be at least 2 years old.
  • Characters that have items from characters copied from the live shards are ineligible for transfer. (You can't copy a character from the live shards, and then move all those items to a character created on Blight).
  • Character can not have development item / testing items, coin or experience applied.
  • If in doubt, please submit a request for review before purchasing a character transfer token.
  • Requests can be submitted at

This list is -not- the most up to date version. For the most up to date information on Blight character transfers, please see the official policy page at: