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How to Set Maximum View Distance

Maximum View Distance 

The Maximum View Distance can be configured from the Options window > Video tab under Advanced Video Options. The following steps should be considered advanced configuration; we generally recommend most users use the Graphic Detail and Texture Detail drop boxes to automatically configure graphic and texture options.

Option Window: Maximum View Distance

The following is a good guideline to use when configuring the maximum view distance. Setting the maximum view distance to a higher value requires a combination of more system memory, CPU and video card memory. If your computer does not meet all of the requirements listed please consider using a lower setting:

1/5th of the slider bar

  • 64MB video memory
  • 256 to 512MB system memory
  • 1GHz system processor

1/4 of the slider bar

  • 128MB video memory
  • 12MB to 1GB system memory
  • 1.5GHz system processor

1/3rd of the slider bar

  • 256MB video memory
  • GB system memory
  • 2GHz system processor

1/2 of the slider bar

  • 512MB video memory
  • 1GB system memory
  • 2GHz system processor

Setting the view distance higher than halfway can be used for creating stunning views of the landscape, such as a view of Morning Light from across the water when in the Frozen Wastes. In general, setting a view distance higher than halfway should not be necessary for general gameplay.

(Special thanks to Entilzah for this tip)

Command Line Maximum View Distance

An alternative approach to setting the Maximum View Distance is to create two commands that allow the Maximum View Distance to be adjusted, depending on current gameplay needs. Decreasing the Maximum View Distance will also decrease teleport times and improve performance in areas that have a large number of players, monsters or structures (such as towns).

Hotkey 1 (minimal view distance)

Create a new hotkey that issues the following commands:

/setpref fogstartdist 50

/setpref fogenddist 51

The above is a very aggressive and will provide maximum performance at the expense of visibility. A white fog of will appear 50 meters away, obscuring anything beyond that point with a harsh white barrier, but improved performance. Many players use this while in towns or other familiar settlements.

Hotkey 2 (moderate view distance)

Create a new hot key that issues the following commands:

/setpref fogenddist 175

/setpref fogstartdist 150

These options will set the view distance to a more distant range, handy for resource-gathering or searching for monsters. These settings may be increased, depending on system configuration and needs.

Alternatively, the /setpref commands may be directly entered into the chatbar as needed.

(Special thanks to Hal`cyon Sskyler for this tip)