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Error: Launcher Reports Cache or Time Issue
Cache or Time Error Symptoms:

When attempting to log in you receive the message:
"Message received from server looks cached or local computer date/time is very incorrect. Disabling proxy server and fixing computer date time strongly recommended. Will continue with a best attempt to login."

Cause of Error:

Any of the following are reasons for this message:

  • Your network connection uses a proxy server
  • There is web accelerator software (a local proxy server) running on your computer
  • Your computer's time or time zone is improperly set

Time Zone

Please see the following knowledge base articles for assistance in setting your computer's time and time zone.

Windows XP:
Windows Vista / Windows 7
Web Accelerator

A web accelerator provides a cached version of a web page - much like a proxy server except that it runs locally. You will need to make sure that all pages are added to the exclude list for your web accelerator software. Alternatively, you can disable your web accelerator for the short term to see if this resolves the issue. To see a list of different types of web accelerators, please see this wikipedia page:

Proxy Server

This error can occur when the launcher receives a cached version of the web page. Web Proxy servers help your ISP save bandwidth; however, they often create problems, such as slow browsing and inability to connect to some secure servers.
Please follow these steps to check / disable the use of a proxy server for browsing web pages:
  1. To check / disable web proxy go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings
  2. To disable the use of a proxy, please uncheck all boxes (proxy and auto detect)
Please note that the launcher indicates to the server that a proxy should not be used, so it's possible your ISP is forcing the use of a proxy. If the problem continues after making the change above, please contact your ISP and ask for information about disabling the use of a proxy for web pages.