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Lost Connectivity in a Lair
Lost Connectivity in a Lair

A rare bug may, on occasion, arise when attempting to plan a lair in which the client believes it has lost connectivity. In the case of this bug, symptoms include being unable to place rooms (triggering the connectivity error message) even if the lair has no rooms within it, as well as possibly seeing small green boxes appear randomly in the lair planning display.
If you experience the above issue, the solution is to clear your world cache. Please follow these steps to clear your world cache:

Deleting World Cache with Launcher
  1. Close the Istaria client if it is running. Allow it to fully shut down
  2. Run the launcher and log in to your account
  3. Click the Troubleshoot button at the bottom of the window
  4. Check the box labeled "Clear world cache"
  5. Press Back to return to the character selection screen. Select the character you wish to log into and click Play
  6. Your world cache should have been cleared
If you still experience the above issue after attempting to use the launcher, please follow these steps to correct it:

Manually Deleting World Cache
  1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Browse to your Istaria installation folder, which is by default under program files.
  2. Look for the folder called world_cache under 'Istaria'.
  3. Select it and press the delete key on your keyboard, or right-click and select delete.
  4. Confirm you have deleted the world_cache folder.
By manually deleting your world cache folder, you should have corrected the above issue. Confirm that it has been corrected by planning some lair pieces. Losing connectivity in any other way is rare, but still possible. If the loss of connectivity in your lair still persists, we encourage you to contact support for further assistance.