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Why is a plot marked as "Condemned?"
Why is a plot marked as "condemned?"

Many plots were once deemed too small to be usable. Any plot that became slated for resizing was marked as "condemned" to prevent it from being purchased. The reasoning behind this is that resizing a plot requires it to be unowned on all three shards. While the plot resizing has been done long ago, there still are "condemned" plots out there.

Another reason that a plot may be marked as "condemned" is because of an ongoing issue with the plot. For example, a lair may be flooded with water from a nearby ocean, causing a player to drown if they descend. We have been working to resolve these kinds of plots and lairs as they are reported to us. Setting the plot or lair as "condemned" allows us to label it for future fixing.

Why is an entire guild community "condemned?"

There are a handful of guild communities marked as "condemned." This is because the master plot is marked as being too small, and thus the rest of the associated community has too.

Can you remove a plot's "condemned" status?

No, there are no plans at this time to remove the flag from plots that currently have it.