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Long Startup Times
Excessive Start-Up Loading Times

Istaria initially builds a list of all files it needs to work with upon starting. Depending on your anti-virus software, the scanning software can make the start-up time take 5 to 10 minutes, or even longer. This is a known issue with Norton Antivirus.

Disable Active Scanning in your Virus Scanner

Some virus software actively scans files that are "touched," which can cause significant delay at startup.

Instructions for Norton Internet Security 2007
  1. Open Internet Sec.
  2. Choose "Settings"
  3. Under "Additional Options" choose "Virus and Spyware Options".
  4. On the left side, under "Advanced Options" click on "Scan Exclusions".
  5. Use the browse function to find the appropriate folders. For example C:Program Files\Istaria and be sure include subdirectories is checked.
  6. Exclude Istaria from both Risk scanning and Autoprotect scanning.
Instructions for McAfee