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Trials of the Gifted: Assistant of Wit
Trading Filters

In the "Trials of the Gifted" quest for the Assessor of Wit, you must trade with the Assistant of Wit, who is located on Lesser Aradoth in the city of Kion.

If you attempt to trade with him and nothing appears in the window, check to ensure the following:

  1. A Browse Filter comes up when you trade with the NPC.  Uncheck "Item Types."
  2. In that same window, be sure that you do not have the "Requirements Met" box checked. 
  3. Confirm that you do not have any other boxes checked, as they will most likely filter out the quest items.

If you still cannot see items listed under this particular vendor, you will need to clear your character preferences.

Restoring Character Preferences to Default

Your user preferences are stored per character, so first identify what character's settings you need to reset.

  1. Browse to your Istaria install folder. Default is "C:\Program Files\Istaria\"
  2. Open the prefs folder
  3. Find the folder that is named "[shard_CharacterName]"; for example, a character on Blight named Maya would appear as "blight_maya"
  4. In this folder are several preference files- delete the "ClientPrefs_Character.def" file (it's always a good idea to back up a file before you delete it)

When Istaria starts, it will load the defaults for any pref file missing. This default restoration should clear the issue if the trade filtering intructions failed to do so.