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Free-to-Play Access
No Cost Access
Istaria has a couple no cost options for playing.
- Level limited characters (called Free Access): A level limited account can play any race without cost, but characters are limited in their levels.
- Time limited characters (called Trial Access): A time limited account can play any race without cost, but there's a time limit before the account expires.
Further information about the different access types can be found here:

Renewing Each Month
If you're playing under the Free Access, you will need to renew your Free Access each month. There's no cost - you're simply indicating you want to continue to play for free. This helps the developers better understand what accounts are active vs. inactive.

Converting to Level Limited Access

If you signed up for a Trial period of play, but would like to convert your account so it doesn't expire (but characters are level limited):
- Delete all but one character (delete instructions here)
- Ensure your remaining character is within the level limits

You will need to contact customer support to request that your account be updated.