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Troubleshooting Crash to Desktop
Resolving Crash to Desktop

If you're consistently getting a crash to desktop (within a hour or two of playing), please following these steps to troubleshoot.
Remember, the key to troubleshooting any technical issue is to perform steps until the problem is resolved, then gradually re-introduce the changes until the problem occurs again. This will allow you to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

Reset All Game Options

1. Reset all your game preferences

2. Reset all your character preferences:

Remove All Mods

Some mods can cause instability with Istaria. Delete anything and everything in your resources_override folder. If you're unsure, check that folder.

Clear your World Cache

It's possible your world cache can become corrupted. Clearing the world cache can resolve crash issues that occur when entering a specific part of the world. 

Confirm All Files are Up to Date

If you're having trouble, make sure every file in game is up to date by doing a full scan of all game files.

Update Video Drivers

Often, video card manufacturers release updates to video card drivers. The steps involved in updating your video drivers vary between different versions of Windows, but the general steps are outlined below. If you're unsure, we recommend contacting your "friend with IT skills" to assist. You will need to know your video card model, and sometimes there are minor technical issues that can occur in the driver update process.

  1. Download latest version of drivers from the manufacturer of your video card
  2. Run the setup program
  3. Reboot computer

Please note: If you have customized your video driver setttings (using the nVidia control panel or ATI Catalyst Control Center), we very, very strongly recommend you reset everything to defaults. Setting custom texture options or performance options can cause instability with Istaria (as well as other programs, in addition to general system instability).

Play Istaria in Windowed Mode

Many applications will not detect that windows is running in Full Screen mode (used for games) and will try to display prompts and other messages. This can cause problems with games that render to a full screen (including Istaria). If you're having problems with stability, try playing Istaria in windowed mode, which will avoid issues related to swapping between full screen and windowed mode.

None of That Worked

If you've followed all these steps and can reliably reproduce the crash, we encourage you to enable logs and submit your logs to support. Most of the time, we can help diagnose what is happening and provide suggestions on what to do. If there's a software fix needed, the developers can investigate and release a patch for Istaria.