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Use of Ignore Feature In-Game
Ignore Function

The use of the ignore feature in-game is one of the best ways to deal with a single character who is impeding your experience in Istaria. This feature allows all chat, whether within a public channel or via private message, to be ignored by your game client.  

To add someone to your ignore list, simply type "/ignore [character's name]" into the primary chat window (the same place you would type any other game message). You can view your ignore list as well as your friends in the Player Lists window.

A few notes about the ignore feature:
  • Characters on your ignore list will not be able to send you private messages.  However, the player will not recieve any indication that you've ignored him/her.
  • Ignore lists are on a per-character basis, not a per-account basis.  If someone has multiple characters on his/her account and you wish to ignore the player regardless of what character they're playing, you will have to ignore each character separately.  We cannot, however, provide you with a list of his/her characters via a support request, as this violates that player's right to privacy.
  • While you will not see messages from the character on your ignore list, mentionings of that character via a third party will still be visible. For example, if someone were to say "I haven't seen [character's name] in a while," this message would still appear.

While the ignore function is usually the simplest solution to resolving an issue with another player, harassment involving personal threats should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to report any instance of threatening conduct to the support team for further review.