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General Technical Troubleshooting

General Technical Troubleshooting

The instructions below provide a list of steps to diagnose and troubleshoot Istaria startup. When troubleshooting a problem, it's important to follow these steps individually, rather than trying them all. By following each suggestion, you will then know exactly what the source of the trouble is - which will allow customer support to provide more specific guidance on how to avoid / resolve the issue.

Launcher / Patching

The launcher is started when you double click the desktop icon Play Istaria. Patching occurs after you click the Play Istaria button from the launcher.
a1. Uninstall Java, then reinstall Java. It is very important to remove all previous versions of Java from your computer:

a2. Make sure the launcher is running with the proper permissions:

a3. Try starting Istaria directly, by double clicking clauncher.bat from your game install folder (usually c:\program files\istaria). This will run Istaria directly from a terminal window. If Istaria works, then you know there's an issue with the shortcut permissions.

Game Client Startup

After you click Play Istaria from the launcher, and patching completes, the main game client will load. A problem can occur at this point related to game files, graphics drivers, hardware or system updates:

b1. Make sure DirectX 9 is installed and up to date. It is important that you specifically use DirectX 9 and not rely on DirectX 10/11 compatibility.
b2. Make sure Istaria is up to date:

b3. Make sure your video drivers are up to date:
If you have an nVidia video card

If you have an ATI video card

If you have an Intel video card

b4. Reset your game options:

Game Client Crash

If you've logged into Istaria and see the game graphics, but Istaria crashes at some point:
c1. Reset your game options:

c2. Reset your character preferences:

When contacting customer support at, please be sure to describe what steps you took and if possible, submit a hardware report.
In most cases, customer support can assist and resolve Istaria startup issues, driver issues and system issues.