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Right of Passage Questions (ROP)
How do I get my dragon to fly?
  1.  In order to obtain flight, a dragon character must complete a Rite of Passage quest.  As part of this quest, you will choose to be either a Helian or Lunus character.  Note that this does not change your school or what abilities are available to you but for the "Helian Path" or "Lunus Path" ability.  Both options will be explained as part of your quest.  Once you do decide, though, you can not go back, so consider carefully your dragon's path.
What are the requirements for the Right of Passage?
  1. Your character will be offered the quest automatically as you make your way through the world.  But there are certain requirements you must meet before you can start on this quest.  The quest series starts with Karane the Historian.  Karane can be found in a cave north of Chiconis.
  • You must have at least 250000 hoard.
  • Your character must have been created at least 15 days ago.
  • You must have obtained level 20 as a Dragon Crafter.
  • You must have obtained level 30 as a Dragon Adventurer
Those are the only requirements for the quest.  However, it is strongly recommended that you are level 50 before you begin your quest for adulthood.  There is a Dragon Scale which is only available to Juvenile Dragons who have not begun their Rite of Passage quest that is offered at level 50.  If you begin your RoP quest before completing this quest, you will not be offered that scale quest.

Are there any known issues with the quest series?
  1. The quest series is bug free as of this writing.  This means that if you become stuck, one of three possiblities exists.  You deleted something which you shouldn't have that is needed for the quest.  A mob is not spawning that should be.  Or you are not looking in the right area for someone or some thing.
  2. If you deleted an item which you need for the quest (such as a Crystal Orb, an Obsidian Mirror or any of the other items needed), most often you can simply drop the quest and start it again.  The quests in the series all start with either Karane, Semeneth, Valkoth, Lantenal, Theed or the Entombed Dragon.  And they are all set up such that if you complete one, the next quest is offered by the NPC that finished the previous one.
  3. If a mob is not spawning, that means that the mob is bugged at the moment.  There is a known issue with spawns that on occassion they stop working.  This is fixed with maintenance each week, so if you are patient, you can try the next week for the mob.  There is nothing a GM can do at the moment to force a spawn to restart.
  4. The last issue can be solved by reading the directions closely or asking other players for help.  Some of the directions in the quest are purposely a bit vague, as this quest is a test of your ability and knowledge of the game world (the player's, that is, not the character's).  But if you become stuck, ask around in game for help or advice.  The community is great and usually willing to help.
Should I cancel part of my quest and start again?
  1. The short answer is "yes", if you are stuck on part of the quest, you can start it again. And should be able to complete it without GM intervention.

That is the basics for the Rite of Passage quest.  There are multiple quests in this series, and they can be challenging to complete.  But with a bit of care and patience, as well as some help from your friends, you should be flying in no time!