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No StarNo StarNo StarNo StarNo Star | May 8 2015, 3:05 AM | Print
Novian Resources
Novians were first introduced to allow players to tear down the structures on a plot and recreate them somewhere else. Prior to novians, when you tore down a structure, you lost a portion of the resources. Novians are a way to allow personal structures to be moved to a new place, without losing the "construction investment".
When it comes to Empire Projects, they are intended for members of the community to gather and create the materials needed to complete those structures. Using novians really works against the concept of the structures being community built - since it turns a community project into a solo project. While it is possible for one person to do all the work required on an Empire Project, the design intent is to 'encourage' community construction. This is the reason that novians can not be applied to Empire Projects.